Onboarding & e-learning

With the purpose of making the workforce more efficient and satisfied. We are offering a large scale of different e-learning and onboarding modules that can be directly implemented or customized to fulfil your needs.

Prepare, lead and evaluate

The 3 major elements of a good onboarding process and E-learning course.

A process that ensures retention, productivity and commitment; Through a facilitation and integration in the company; – A personal experience that creates a direction and correct expectation.

Onboarding is a necessity in workplaces, especially where the rotation of employees is significant.

Advantages of Onboarding

Measurable effects


In our e-learning section we have developed a range of e-learning courses, that can be integrated in your company. These courses can be everything form site safety induction, safety manuals, quality documentation to courses within and culture All courses can be delivered in and customized within the content and languages and also has a possibility to test, control, evaluate and benchmark performance.