About us

Solvexis Consult combine our capabilities across business and management consulting, program management and operational technology and business process outsourcing to provide flexible, reliable and scalable end-to-end services. We address the most needs of our clients by industry and by enterprise function. We span all three of our growth platforms—business development, program management and operational management.

Our Services
Unique solutions, partnerships, communication and excellence define our customer philosophy approach.

Solvexis has the blend of industry domain expertise and wide range of technologies to provide our clients a wide spectrum of end-to-end solutions for the entire life cycle of the project initiatives.

We are a reliable partner for all services during a projects’ entire life. Our service is not only about getting the job done, but also improves existing processes and procedures to increase the value chain.

We do continuously strive to establish an optimal communication with our clients to verify any scope changes or misalignments.

Workplace Safety & Consulting
Growing needs, mounting pressures, inhospitable surroundings — these are the harsh realities of living in the world today. That’s why Solvexis takes workplace safety and consulting seriously. We continue to higher our standards — by helping to improve workplace culture and safety performance to meet the expansion of global industrialisation.

Client Excellence
Service excellence is our attitude engrained with every employee. We require more than a streamlined slogan on the lunch room wall. Excellence is a consistent, premium service at every pass set by a service  oriented tone that drives our company strategy at every level.