Solvexis Consult Coordinate Compulsory Working Environmental Training In Denmark

  • 25. september 2016
150 150 Solvexis

We are happy to announce, that Solvexis Consult have established a small team to plan, administrate and perform all compulsory working environmental educations needed for both permanent and temporary organisations already working in Denmark or going to do so.  A lot of time in planning, administration and cost can be minimised within the organisations of our existing and future customers. Additionally each client will now be able to optimise their costs because only payment for their actual participants is needed not the entire course.

All administration, planning and guidance is now for Solvexis Consult to manage.  Going forward please have name of required course, name of the participant, the required language and the date required sent to we will do the rest.

Customers needs and requirements – “requires learning together with our customers”