Shipping & Maritime

As a Danish based organization our independent shipping and maritime consultancy support the fact, that Denmark is a global maritime industry leader with long-standing shipping activities and advanced technologies. Our independent shipping and maritime solutions are customised to match the requirements of a specific contract or customer. The Danish maritime industry is famous for its quality products and its innovative technological solutions, and we support this achievement and do striving even higher. Our internal consultants are dynamic and international, and do hold a large number of skills within the industry. Due to our network we are present in most regions of the world supplying ship­builders, ship owners and other maritime or related businesses.

Technical Support & Services
  • Technical inspection
  • Independent insurance evaluations following incidents
  • On-site trouble shooting on 2-stroke engines
  • On-site trouble shooting on 4-stroke engines
  • On-site pre-evaluation of machinery & equipment
  • On-site performance evaluation during operation
  • Planned Maintenance System (PMS)
  • Supervision and planning of dry-docking, service jobs, repair jobs and overhauling jobs
  • Sea-trials
Maneuvering System
  • Trouble shooting
  • Test, repair, overhauling and replacement of the pneumatic system
  • Independent Owner representative
  • Pre-docking activities in route
  • Pre-docking inspection with internal mechanical & electrical team
  • Docking supervision, site inspection and audit
  • Sea-trials
New Building
  • Supervision of new building with or without complete site team
  • FAT / Shop tests of equipment & machinery
  • Sea-trials

Subsea Management Consultancy and Off- and In- Shore Operation

  • Consultancy within the planning, technical review and running underwater operations
  • Design review to eliminate future ROV challenges within O&M (Operation and Maintenance)
  • Review of the visual survey materials (video editing)
  • Observer or client representative to subsea work, especially ROV and diving.
  • ROV Senior Pilot and Technical Subsea Engineering combined with Technical and Operational Supervision at SEAEYE, SPERR, SUTECH and SUB ATLANTIC.