In todays and future pharmaceutical world of production, deliveries are challenging because they are constantly shifting and as a result difficult to predict.  These decisions will often have impact at the design and execution phase.  Part of the solution has for only few years been to accept changes but managed them proactive. The industry is in need of employees who can focus and team up with customers, designers and contractors to create a construction execution model that allow for this flexibility. We support Program – and Operational Management to the pharmaceutical industry when additional employees with the competences in question are needed and/or workload is too heavy. We put great effort into improving and standardizing – with the customer – our design reviews and construction project execution way to support the flexibility needed constantly raising the bar on safety, quality and performance in projects involved into.

Health, Safety & Environment Management (Line and
  • Design Safety Review
  • Constructability Review
  • Coordination Of Activities In Common Areas – Owners Responsibility
  • Project specific Safety Awareness Courses
  • Campaigns and Safety Culture measures
  • ATEXWPA (Work Place Assessments)
  • Health & Safety Management, OHSAS 18001, WPA (Work Place Assessments)
  • Health & Safety Management, OHSAS 18001
  • Environment Management, ISO 14001
  • PSM – Process Safety Management (HAZOP, Commissioning – PTW & Lock Procedures)
  • Risk Analysis & Risk Management, ISO 31000
  • Pre-contract evaluation of Sub-contractors
  • Audits – projects, individual disciplines
Quality Assurance Management (Line and Projects)
  • QA Management ISO 9001
  • Certification ISO 9001
  • QA  Manual
  • Project QA Plan
  • QA Inspection & Test Plans (Manufacturing/Construction)
  • Validation Of Equipment
  • Pre-Contract evaluation of subcontractors- and suppliers
  • Audit
Project Documentation
  • Project Execution Plans
  • Project economic control
  • Project tender documentation
  • Contracts and review of contracts (Client and Subcontractors)
  • Project Health & Safety, Environment &  Emergency response plans
  • Project QA Plan & QC Inspection control Plans
  • S/D plans
  • Commissioning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Work Procedures
Risk Management (Process and execution)
  • Overall Project Risk Matrix & Contingency Plan
  • Tender Risk Assessment
  • Pre-Contract Assessment of Subcontractors and Suppliers
  • Design Risk Assessment
  • Construction Risk Assessment
  • Internal audits – Construction Management
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001
  • Internal/Extern Audit
  • Pre-Qualification Audit
  • Sub-Contractor & Supplier Audit